timeline_updated_nov_2015_rev3Established in Ireland in 1979 as Creganna, the company initially served a range of industries providing a variety of outsourced engineering solutions. In 1998, the company entered the medical device industry and in 2003 divested its operations in all other industries to focus solely on this sector.

The company has experienced significant growth in the medical device sector since 2000 through a combination of new products, technology and service developments, geographic expansion and acquisitions.

In 2010, Creganna acquired Tactx Medical Inc., a company specializing in catheters and delivery systems, to become Creganna-Tactx Medical. The company also acquired Irish company ABT Medical in 2012, augmenting its existing balloon design and manufacturing capabilities with the proprietary SmartForm™ technology.

Expanding on its global network, the company opened a Chinese representative office in 2013, which helped build upon its existing presence in the market by forging deeper partnerships with its foreign and domestic customer base in Asia.

In 2014 the company acquired Precision Wire Components, a specialist in medical wire and coil, to become the largest metals fabricator for Minimally Invasive delivery and access devices and adding facilities in Costa Rica and Oregon to its global footprint.

Today Creganna Medical operates from a network spanning 4 continents and is ranked among the Top 3 providers of Minimally Invasive medical device outsourcing solutions in the world. The company is headquartered in Ireland and operates as a private limited company.

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