Creganna Launches Next Generation Overjacketing Solution

Creganna Medical Devices today launched its latest generation overjacketing technology – EzGlide Micro. Hypotube overjacketing is the application of a polymer overjacket to the outer diameter of a metal hypotube. EzGlide Micro is a substantial enhancement over existing solutions as it provides up to 75% reduction in overjacket wall thickness.

“Product designers are continually seeking technologies to reduce overall catheter profile” says Dr. Robert Pendlebury, lead material scientist for polymer technologies at Creganna and head of the EzGlide Micro development team. “This product offers the potential for substantial reduction in overjacket profile. Coupled with the new overjacketing materials we have developed such as Polyimide and FEP, this technology presents some really exciting options for product designers.”

“Subsequent to a positive market adoption of our first generation of overjacketing solutions, our goal was to develop a new and improved version” comments Michael Howe Innovation Centre Manager at Creganna Medical Devices. “This new thin wall solution is particularly relevant for customers who are developing delivery systems for challenging anatomies or navigation of smaller vasculatures.”

EzGlide Micro features a polymer overjacket of 0.0005” wall thickness and is available in a range of material options and colours to enable product differentiation. This technology can also be applied to laser profiled metal tubing for the ultimate flexible solution. A range of new overjacket material options are also available including FEP and Polyethylene for enhanced lubricity and Polyimide for high pressure applications. EzGlide Micro is also available as standard Pebax and Nylon overjackets.

EzGlide Micro is now available to the worldwide market.

About Creganna
Creganna Medical Devices provides leading edge technologies to minimally invasive medical device companies. Creganna specializes in components, sub-assemblies and design in a range of metals, polymers and composite materials for catheter shafts. Creganna is a trusted supplier to the world’s leading medical device manufacturers. Creganna has sales and manufacturing facilities in Galway, Ireland, California, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Finland. More information can be found at

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