MI Urology & Gynaecology

Urology & Gynecology Solutions

The market for Minimally Invasive Urology & Gynaecology is growing in the region of 10% p.a., driven by aging population demographics and increased demand for less invasive procedures. Tools and devices for Endourology, urethroscopic kidney removal and MI female sterilization are all experiencing rapid growth and Creganna Medical provides a range of services and technologies to many companies in this field.

Expertise in:

  • Balloon Dilation Catheters
  • Balloon Occlusion Catheters
  • MI Female Sterilization Systems
  • Balloon Tamponade Devices
  • Kidney Stone Retrieval Catheters
  • Lithotripsy Delivery Systems
  • Imaging Catheters & Kits
  • Uterine Embolization Catheters

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