New Hypotube for PTCA Catheters launched

– PoleVault to Improve Kink Resistance in Angioplasty Balloon Catheters –

 Creganna Medical Devices today launched PoleVault TM, the new standard-setting hypotube, as part of its continued focus on helping catheter manufacturers improve outcomes for patients undergoing angioplasty.

The hypotube is a long metal tube with micro-engineered features along its length. It is a critical component of minimally-invasive catheters, used in conjunction with balloons and stents to open up clogged arteries. The balloon portion of the catheter is attached to the head of the hypotube. The hypotube enters the body and pushes the balloon along a long, distant and complicated journey toward the clogged artery. This journey requires that the hypotube resist kinking without compromising its ability to glide (attributes known as push, track and torque) through the anatomy.

Creganna’s PoleVault hypotube shows improvements in kink resistance of up to 40 percent over existing products, without compromising these hypotube attributes.

Commenting on PoleVault’s launch, Creganna Medical Devices CEO Helen Ryan said, “PoleVault was developed in response to hypotube features demanded by medical device manufacturers. After intensive research and development, Creganna is pleased to launch this new product for the medical device industry.”

Recent research led by Cambridge Consultants, a leading technology consulting firm, indicated the need for continued evolution and advances in catheter technology. Developments in push, kink resistance and rapid balloon deflation times were identified as key needs of interventional cardiologists. Creganna’s PoleVault hypotubes address these needs.

PoleVault can be leveraged by the medical device manufacturer to explore thinner wall catheter solutions. By maintaining current kink resistance levels, gains can be made in the hypotube’s internal diameter. A thin wall solution optimizes balloon deflation times minimizing trauma to the patient.

PoleVault is highly resistant to package set and does not assume the shape of its packaging dispenser upon removal. This feature gives manufacturers the option of reducing dispenser size, thereby optimizing packaging and cath lab space. In addition, PoleVault is more robust than conventional hypotubes and less likely to be damaged during in-process handling and assembly, resulting in higher yields for the catheter manufacturer.

PoleVault will be available to the worldwide market beginning February 1st, 2006.

About Creganna:

The Creganna Group provides medical device manufacturers with products, technologies and services for innovative, minimally invasive, delivery device solutions. The Creganna Group consists of three business units that serve the medical device industry. The Engineering & Production Service unit is a leading supplier of hypotube-based delivery devices and associated design solutions. Creganna’s Innovation Centre provides advanced products, materials and technologies for innovative minimally invasive delivery devices. The Contract Design Service is an outsourced design and development service that provides a fast and innovative route to market for medical device manufacturers. Creganna is privately held and headquartered in Galway, Ireland. More information can be found at

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