Product Ramp

Manufacturing Ramp – Customer Stories

There are many benefits to choosing an external partner to assist with product ramp – here are some of our customer stories:

A customer had chosen Creganna Medical to undertake the design and development of its product. At the conclusion of a successful development project the customer partnered with Creganna Medical to ramp the product and deliver commercial market volumes, ensuring continuity and consistency in the overall product lifecycle.

A leading medical devices company was developing the next generation of an existing device. The company partnered with Creganna Medical to achieve performance improvements & greater efficiencies by redeveloping certain product aspects coupled with an overall DFM and value engineering project. At the conclusion of these projects, the product was ramped at Creganna Medical for a global launch.

A US company had received approval for a novel MI device and required a partner for ramp who could undertake process optimization and develop a robust supply chain in anticipation of market launch. While the product had received regulatory approval it had not yet been manufactured in market quantities and a number of process improvements were required.

An early-stage medical devices company choose Creganna Medical to ramp manufacturing of its device as significant capital investment in manufacturing infrastructure was not a strategic objective for the company.

A US company ramping a product for launch required dual-site manufacturing to serve global markets. The company had an existing manufacturing line at its US facility. Creganna Medical improved, replicated and ramped a European-based manufacturing line to supply EMEA markets.

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