Value Engineering

For Minimally Invasive delivery devices that are high cost or difficult to manufacture, Creganna Medical can conduct an in-depth value engineering examination.

Research indicates that supply-chain improvements can yield cost reductions up to 22%, process improvements & minor design changes can realize up to 46% reductions while product redesign can yield the greatest gains at 75-80%.

Our studies are conducted by a multi-disciplinary team of design, manufacturing & quality engineers and supply chain professionals. A detailed and objective study examines the product from a design & manufacturing perspective to identify potential cost savings and efficiency gains. Studies are typically conducted in a 4-6 week timeframe for a standard Minimally Invasive delivery device. Practical and effective solutions are advised at the conclusion of the study and, where appropriate, Creganna Medical can work with you to implement these solutions across our global network.

Case Examples

  • A fast-growing medical technology company wanted to create a robust and scalable manufacturing process for a newly approved delivery device utilized in EP applications. Subsequent to a detailed value engineering examination, product costs were reduced by 37% providing an 18 month ROI for the customer.
  • A world leading medical devices company was pursuing a cost reduction strategy for an endoscopic device. A comprehensive value engineering study identified over 106 specific cost reduction opportunities. At the conclusion of the study, the customer was presented with a series of options and roadmaps to reduce costs by as much as 79%. These options spanned from design changes through to improvements to the supply-chain & manufacturing processes – all recommendations would maintain complete device functionality.
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