Achieve Tighter Tolerances

The equation is simple – the tighter the tolerance the more design options you have! We bring you some tolerance solutions unique to Creganna Medical.

Termination Tolerances:

Trimming the braid at its required termination point along the shaft is widely recognized as a difficult and labour intensive step in the manufacturing process. Traditionally the braid is terminated using a manual wire cutting technique. An annealing process may then be applied to soften the metal wires and prevent them from springing open. This “splaying” of the terminated section of braid wire is a constant challenge during manufacture as splayed ends can damage expensive liners and reduce yield.

Creganna Medical has introduced a unique manufacturing technique to terminate the braid – raising the bar in technical approach, automation, quality and reproducibility. Braid wire is terminated consistently, cleanly and will not splay. The tight tolerances associated with this innovative manufacturing approach enable you to push the design envelope at the termination point of the braid.

Port & Junction Tolerances & Solutions:

Creganna Medical have adapted a range of manufacturing technologies to offer the highest tolerances for port and junction creation along the length of the braided shaft.

  • Ports, holes and junctions can be created with no damage to the back wall of the braid
  • Ports and holes can be created through the liner and outer jacket while leaving the braid wire intact
  • Ports and holes can be created through the liner and outer jacket while leaving other filler materials or longitudinal fibers intact
  • Controlled stripping of the overjacket at various points along the braided shaft length can be achieved, liners can remain intact

Wall Tolerances:

A constant challenge for the design of braided shafts is how to lower the shaft profile while maintaining performance. By addressing the wall thickness of the shaft an optimum balance can be achieved. Creganna Medical has developed manufacturing techniques that enable the tightest of tolerances to be held between walls, lowering the overall shaft profile. For example, on a 2F or 3F shaft, tolerances of +/- 0.001” can be achieved for standard designs. As the French size increases, tolerance will become broader. Another alternative to braided shafts are coiled shafts. Wall thickness can be decreased considerably using coil shaft designs.

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