Integrate Multiple Technologies

Multiple technologies can be integrated into your braided shaft such as arrays, chips, photonics, optics, MEMs and hydraulics.
Creganna Medical has supported the design, development and manufacture of braided shafts for designs such as EP mapping and ablation catheters, temperature sensing, pressure monitoring, robotic & optical catheters.
Integrating multiple technologies into your braided shaft can create a unique set of design challenges. Common challenges include:
  • In traditional braided shaft design, transitions are often used to create a soft flexible tip. Integrating a technology on the distal end of your catheter can limit the use of such transitions.
  • If your braided shaft design integrates components such as sensors, wires or circuit boards you will need to consider effective shielding, protection and isolation. Multi-lumen designs may be the best route to achieving an effective outcome.
  • Functional continuity between proximal and distal ends can be enabled by good deployment mechanisms. Specialist design experts with extensive experience in this area can save you time and money.
  • Multiple manufacturing technologies may be required to produce your braided catheter. For example, advanced athermal laser processing or microdrilling between lumens may be required to create ports, stops or junctions.
If you need to integrate multiple technologies into your braided shaft we recommend that you consult with our braiding experts at the earliest possible stage in the design phase.
We can guide and advise your design to ensure it is optimized for performance, translates to a manufacturable design and most importantly, is cost effective for market.

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