Low Profile Braided Shafts – Neurovascular

Braided shafts can be provided with an OD from 2 French and single wall thickness down to 0.005”. These ultra-low profile shafts are ideally suited for neurovascular applications.Shaft lengths up to 200cm are available, ideal for the lengthy vascular paths associated with minimally invasive neurovascular treatments. Technology advances for braided shafts used in neurovascular applications are focused on thinning the wall to provide the lowest WT possible while maintaining adequate levels of track and kink resistance. Creganna Medical have optimized designs and manufacturing techniques to hold very high tolerances between shaft walls. Hybrid coil and braid designs can also offer the best balance between torque, flexibility and a thin wall solution. Expertise in molded tips or coil deployment mechanisms for the distal end of your neurovascular delivery device is also available.

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