Get Braided Shaft Prototypes Fast!

You need a braided shaft prototype in the shortest time possible…..and you can’t wait 12 – 15 weeks! With an average turnaround for standard prototype shafts of 4 – 6 weeks we may be able to help.Firstly, we can serve you at your point of need. We have braid development centers in the US (CA) and Europe (Ireland.) These centers are operationally configured to provide quick-turn prototyping for braid shafts.

Secondly, we maintain stock of standard medical grade liners, wires and resins at all sites – if your prototype does not require custom materials we can cut your waiting time by half relative to other competitors.

Finally, we offer all of the adjacent technologies to create a braiding prototype from under “one roof.” Providing in-house braiding and extrusion speeds the process to get your braided shaft prototype into your hands……fast.

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Improve braided shaft performance

Low profile braided shafts for neurovascular applications

Braided shafts for steering or deflection

Integrate multiple technologies into a braided shaft

Get braided shaft prototypes….fast!

Achieve tighter tolerances

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