Javelin is an advanced alloy for specialty needles that enables superior clinical outcomes.

Javelin exhibits:

  • Up to 95% improvement in shape set resilience
  • Column strength up to 30% higher
  • Up to 35% harder material

Javelin enables:

  • Superior physician control
  • Accurate navigation to sample site
  • Easier biopsy penetration
  • Maintains needle efficacy during repeat deployment

Superior Penetration

Javelin™ demonstrates higher penetration ability than Stainless Steel.

Javelin™ demonstrates higher penetration ability than Stainless Steel.

Javelin™ has greater penetration ability and exhibits superior hardness over Stainless Steel. In tests, Javelin™ demonstrated up to 24% increased hardness over 304SS.

Penetration Test

19G electro polished needles – Javelin™ and 304SS, with the same tip design were tested for penetration ability. Each needle was loaded in a mechanical tester and advanced under equal test parameters to penetrate a 3mm membrane – simulating in vivo use.

304 SS 19G needle

Javelin™ 19G needle

This test demonstrates that Javelin™ successfully penetrated the membrane while the Stainless Steel needle buckled and failed to penetrate the membrane.

Javelin™ – repeat deployment

The 304SS needle is permanently deformed after failing to penetrate the membrane. The Javelin™ needle both successfully penetrated the membrane and is capable of repeat deployment.

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