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A micro metal tube of less than 0.013″ OD specially developed for minimally invasive device delivery within the body’s smallest vasculatures. Microflex is available in dimensions of 1f (0.013″) or less. Microflex features a highly flexible stainless steel tube of single piece construction with variable transition of lateral stiffness along its length.

Traditional micro tube solutions consist of multi-piece assemblies to acheive varying flexibility over a long length. Multi-piece assemblies are labour-intensive solutions that present the product deisgner with the challenge of minimizing profile and achieving a smooth transition at numerous join zones.

In contrast, Microflex has no join zones due to it’s single-piece design yet has limitless design possibilities for varying degrees of flexibility and controlled change of stiffness. Microflex is a cost effective design solution that maximises end-product margins.


Technical Data

  • Sizes: 0.013″ OD or less, 0.002″ minimum wall thickness
  • Material: Medical grade stainless steel
  • Optional features: Lubricious ID liner for reduced friction, Low profile overjacket (25 microns min. overjacket WT), Distal assemblies, Customised proximal attachments e.g. hub, strain relief, deployment mechanism, retrieval mechanism.
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