Balloon Forming

Creganna Medical offers the most advanced balloon forming technology in the industry.

Our proprietary balloon technology, SmartForm™, provides new levels of complexity and customization in balloon design along with consistent manufacturing of higher performing products. Our optimized balloon forming technology induces:

  • Lower shrinkage levels
  • More accurately controlled compliance curves
  • Superior options to lower wall and neck thickness
Where traditional balloon forming technologies struggle, our proprietary technology excels.
SmartForm™ balloon forming technology is unmatched in its ability to blow balloons at the smallest and largest diameter specifications, from 1.25mm to 55mm, and at the longest lengths, up to and in excess of 300mm. The control and flexibility in our forming process also enables our polymer science experts to explore and adapt material properties & characteristics in new ways, thereby expanding the range of options for your balloon design.

The Secret of SmartForm – download technical paper here

SmartForm™ also enables rapid prototyping and the fast tracking of balloon designs, often within minutes; ideal when speed is a critical factor.

In addition to our proprietary technology we also manufacture balloons using other processing technologies common throughout the industry.

All balloon manufacturing is conducted in cleanroom environments.

What is SmartForm™ different?

Similar principles apply to our proprietary SmartForm™ processing technology as to those of current balloon technology – combining pressure, tension and heat to form a balloon. What differs with our next-generation technology is that it offers greater levels of control and flexibility around these principles and also addresses some of the inherent issues associated with traditional balloon forming technologies including:

  • Heat & heat set profiles
  • Speed & stretch profiles
  • Pressure & flow profiles

A proven technology

Over 1,000 balloon designs have been delivered using SmartForm™ technology. Many of these balloons are also supplied in volume for commercially available and approved medical devices.

Here is what our customers have to say about our technology:

An innovative technology that has delivered high performing balloons with good consistency in double wall thickness and O.D.

R&D Engineering Lead (Balloons), leading medical device OEM

The ability to provide a quick response in new balloon development has been very valuable as we grow our product line. Your innovative balloon blowing technology provides confidence in the support of our future development efforts.

CEO, Emerging medical technology company


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