Hypotube Design

Hypotube Design

Where to start

All hypotube shaft design should begin with an understanding of the performance requirements for your product application. Key design considerations include:

  • Transition – Creganna Medical can custom engineer transitions to optimize product performance using process technologies and features such as laser spiral cutting, a skive feature or corewire weld.
  • Trackability – A wide variety of coating technologies are available from Creganna Medical to maximize trackability including PTFE coatings and discrete polymer overjacketing
  • Push and Torque – optimization of these key performance characteristics ensures consistent and reliable location of the treatment site. Creganna Medical can advise on the best design to optimize these characteristics.
  • Kink Performance – central to the overall ability of the hypotube shaft to navigate the anatomy, Creganna Medical offers both design advice and the PoleVault™ product to optimize kink performance
  • Compression Resistance – for hypotube device shafts that must resist longitudional compression during device deployment to ensure exact device placement, Creganna Medical can assist you to find optimum shaft design. Requirements should be defined in specific terms prior to prototype development e.g. a 1,000 mm shaft must exhibit less than 1% compression where a 4lb force is applied.
  • Flexibility – many hypotube shafts must navigate complex anatomy or tortuous paths. Flexibility requirements can be specified in terms of the bend radius that must be achieved e.g. the shaft must be capable of bending around a 30 mm diameter. Creganna Medical provide a range of solutions, technologies and expert guidance to achieve optimal shaft flexibility and flexibility biases.

The design challenge

Design of the optimum hypotube shaft for your device delivery requires balancing all of the above performance characteristics. Achieving the best performance in one characteristic can often directly affect other characteristics. This is where Creganna Medical can help. We have the experience and expertise to assist you in making these critical design decisions.

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