Technical Solutions

Creganna Medial offers the most advanced range of technical solutions to deliver the optimum metal shaft or hypotube for your minimally invasive delivery or access device.

Distal shaft technologies – The transition or finish of the distal end of the metal shaft is of vital importance in the overall metal shaft design as it plays a pivotal role in overall clinical performance. Technology features of distal transition zones range from simple burr free cuts to more complex spiral, skive, slot, crimp, taper or flare designs. Additional features can be added to the distal transition zone such as corewires, coils or custom micro-machined components to add additional flexibility or smooth the transition to the distal assembly.

Intermediate shaft design – working with you, we can develop the optimal intermediate shaft design for your delivery device. We assist with critical design decisions relating to material choices, properties and design alternatives. Advanced laser processing techniques can dramatically transform a metal shaft to increase flexibility and torque response. Appropriate femoral, radial or brachial markers can also be applied. We also provide a range of coating solutions along the intermediate shaft from simple PTFE/FEP coatings to polymer overjackets that combine the strength of a metal shaft with the flexibility of an outer polymer jacket. You choice of coating solutions will impact catheter shaft lubricity and overall device trackability.

Proximal shaft design – Design choices for the proximal shaft will effect overall usability of the delivery device or catheter. The most common and simple solutions include luers or hubs which facilitate basic access to the catheter lumen for the injection of fluids or drugs or the introduction of guidewires and sheaths. These components can be combined with an appropriate strain relief mechanism and overmolded to create a finished metal catheter shaft sub-assembly. More advanced proximal designs include advanced handles and deployment mechanisms that integrate mechanical, electronic or diagnostic mechanisms – all of which we can design and develop for you.

Creganna Medical offer a wide range of hypotube solutions. Examples include, from left, coated & ground hypotube, spiral hypotube for increased flexibility, long skive hypotube for smooth transition to the distal assembly, flared hypotube, crimped hypotube, short skive hypotube, distal slot feature for assembly of distal component or sub-assembly.


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