Wires and Coils Capabilities

Wire & Coil Capabilities

We specialize in wire based delivery systems, guidewires, components and tooling and are the largest supplier of wire and coil products for cardiovascular and neurovascular device applications.



    • Assy1Wire: 302/304V SS, Nitinol, 17-7PH, 17-4PH, MP35N, Elgiloy, Tungsten
    • Coil: Platinum alloys, Tungsten, 302/304V SS, MP35N, Nitinol
    • Heat treatment, shape setting


Specifications – Wire & Coil

    • Straightening: 0.002” to 0.090” Ø
    • Grinding: Ø to 0.001”, Tolerances: Ø to ± 0.0001”, length to ± 0.020”, taper lengths from 0.005”
    • Coils: lengths to 120”


Surface Solutions

    • Coating: PTFE, Parylene, Hydrophilic (Angiotech/ Surmodics), Silicone
    • Polymer Jackets: PTFE, Polyester, PU, coloured marker bands, heatshrink & reflow
    • Microblasting for adhesion zones or marker bands
    • Chemical polishing and etching
    • Heat treatment and stress relieving to optimize grind, torque performance and tensile strength
    • Ultrasonic cleaning and passivation



    • Wire: straightening, centerless, profile & special grinding, forming & flattening & polishing
    • Wire deburred and radiused for precise tip shaping
    • wires AssemblyCoil: tapering, multi-pitch, round & flat



  • Laser & Plasma welding
  • Soldering, brazing & UV adhesives
  • Polymer/metallic handles
  • Packaging & labeling
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