Wire Processing

Wire Processing

Creganna Medical is the industry’s largest metals fabricator for Minimally Invasive delivery and access devices including wire and coils. We specialize in wire based delivery systems, guidewires, components and tooling and are the largest supplier of wire and coil products for cardiovascular and neurovascular device applications.


StraighteningUsing a proprietary processing method we straighten wires with diameters starting from 0.002” across a range of standard medical grades materials, alloys and exotic metals. All wires are cut to your custom length with tolerances down to +/- .01”.


Centerless & profile grinding

From single tapered mandrels and guidewire cores to multi tapered grinds in high volume output our centerless and profile grinding provides:

  • diameter tolerances of ±.0001”
  • length tolerances of ±.020”
  • taper lengths ranging from .005” to 7.5” – multi tapered grinds, taper to taper grinds, long taper grinds (up to 36″) & custom taper configurations

Our grinding capabilities include both manual and computer-controlled processing.


Special grinding

Our proprietary special grinding capabilities set us apart from others. We can achieve the tightest tolerances and most complex design specifications in the industry including:

  • grind configurations that include multiple tapers
  • reverse tapers
  • step and reverse step grinds
  • paddle grinds
  • spiral grinding
  • grinding down to .001”
  • diameter tolerances of ±.0001”
  • length tolerances of ±.005” on grind length dimensions



Wire CoatingA key determinant of wire performance is the chemistry, quality and consistency in application of coating materials. We can apply the following coating materials to your wire components and assemblies using a combination of standard industry application techniques and in-house systems for the most challenging product applications:

  • PTFE
  • Parylene (type N and C)
  • Hydrophilic
  • Silicone


Forming, flattening & welding

Wire FormingFrom custom welds to ball welds and shape setting we specialise in high volume manufacturing of formed wires, stylets and other device components. Using robotics, we offer high precision in complex shapes for a range of materials from Stainless Steel to Nitinol. Our high precision processing equipment enables us to form and flatten to tight tolerances.


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