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EP & CRM Device Solutions

Creganna Medical serves over 30 companies in the EP and CRM device market, from the industry’s largest OEMs to emerging medical technology companies. Specializing in Minimally Invasive Delivery & Access devices, we provide the full spectrum of services to design, develop and deliver finished medical devices to market.

We offer you expertise in:

  • EP Diagnostic Catheters – Mapping, Ablation, Fixed & Deflecting
  • Ablation Catheters, AFib
  • Introducer Sheaths – Fixed Curve, Steerable & Deflecting
  • Lead Placement & Implantation Devices
  • Balloon Dilation & Sizing Catheters
  • Transeptal Access Systems
  • Imaging Catheters
  • Robotic Catheter Systems
  • Cryotherapy Catheters
  • Vascular Closure Devices

Creganna Medical is ranked among the Top 10 global providers of outsourced design and manufacturing services to the medical device industry and operates from a  global network spanning the US, Europe and Asia.

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